are you expecting?If our team can improve, which I really hope and expect they will do, it’ll be a very evenly-balanced match. Both teams have got fantastic players with great quality. At the end of the day, maybe a world-class player like Manuel Neuer will be the deciding factor. The way he played against Algeria was incredible. In my opinion, he’s been one of the players of the tournament so far. Who else would you include in that category?That’s a tough one because there are quite a few. I Cheap Clarisonic ’ve been very impressed by the Netherlands’ Memphis Depay, and Arj Buy Clarisonic en Robben is in sensational form as well. Clarisonic I’d have to add Colombia’s James Rodriguez too. Nobody had him on their radar before the tournament started but 2014 Clarisonic he’s a superb player.To conclude, which t Sale Clarisonic eam are your favourites to lift the title?It’s difficult to say this year because no team has been at their best all the way through. As I said earlier, the Netherlands and France have impressed me the most but

win the title but it's no easy undertaking. We've got a young squad with great quality and a lot of talent. We need to perform as Buy Clarisonic a team, just as we did at past tournaments. That'll definite Sale Clarisonic ly give us a better chance of going far, although unfortunately there's no guarantee whether that'll be enough for us to win the title. We [Germany] went close to making the final against big teams like that, but maybe there was a little something lacking. I think our team has matured from those defeats.Philipp LahmWhy have Germany come up short at recent tournaments? What has been missing? Maybe we weren't Cheap Clarisonic ready to win them. When I think back to the 2006 World Cup on home soil, we came close but nobody really expected us to get very far. We simply lost to a better team and Italy went on to win it. In 2010 a lot of people dr Clarisonic opped out before the tournament, like our 2014 Clarisonic captain Michael Ballack for example. We had a very young side that was playing in its first major tournament. We played well and managed to get to the last four

, where we lost to Spain, who won the Buy Clarisonic World Cup and went on to win the European Championship. We went close to making the final against big teams like that, but maybe there was a little something lacking. I think our team has matured from those defeats. Many experts see Germany as favourites to win the World Cup. Which teams do you think will be your biggest challengers? Given our past it's only natural that we're among the favourites. Reigning world and European champions Spain are up there too after winning three tournaments in a row. As Cheap Clarisonic Clarisonic hosts I'd include Brazil in there, as well as Argentina. And there are also some European teams who are aiming to reach the final, like the Netherlands, Portugal and Italy. Why will the World Cup in Brazil be a special one? For me it's another d 2014 Clarisonic ifferent continent. I was lucky enough to play a World Cup at home Sale Clarisonic in Europe and then in South Africa too - now another continent is on the cards. It'll be great to play in South America. They've got football-crazy fans and the

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