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boys, so I was pretty good back then. Is the fact you are such a prolific goalscorer nowadays a form of payback for those early days? That’s true, I don’t treat goalkeepers very well now! (laughs) I’m always trying to get the better of them and score as many goals as I possibly can. Seriously though, that’s a sign of everything I’ve dreamed Men Clarisonic Brush Head of achieving since I was a little girl. So Outlet Clarisonic Brush Head you have an idea of how things have changed, those girls in my hometown who all preferred playing handball now prefer football. The Brazil’s women’s national squad recently went to meet President Dilma Rousseff. How did it go? It was a very productive meeting. I’d already had the privilege of meeting her before, but going to see her with all the other girls was a way of joining forc 50% off Clarisonic Brush Head es in a bid to really change the future prospects of the women’s game Clarisonic Brush Head in our Review Clarisonic Brush Head country. It’d be really great if in the future a lot more of these girls could make a living from football, without

having to have other jobs like they do now. Dilma gave us her full support and I hope that has a positive impact. It’d b 50% off Clarisonic Brush Head e really great if in the future a lot more of these girls could m Men Clarisonic Brush Head ake a living from football, without having to have other jobs like they do no Clarisonic Brush Head w.Brazil forward Marta on women's football in her homelandYou won your first FIFA World Player award back in 2006. Given how women’s football has grown since then, would you say there is more competition for the award nowadays? No doubt about it! The sport is growing and as it does more and more outstanding players are emerging. The competition [for the Women’s World Player award] is getting fiercer all the time, but that adds lustre to the sport and stimulates the growth of women&rs Review Clarisonic Brush Head quo;s football. I’m sure that i Outlet Clarisonic Brush Head n the future more and more different players will win it. How have you changed since 2006? Well, I’m a little bit older… (laughs) You pick up certain things over time, such as the experience of playing in

E Men Clarisonic Brush Head uropean competitions. When I join up with the Brazil squad now I find it easier when it comes to helping out my colleagues, some of whom are going through situations I had to come through when I was starting out. It’s good to get involved and do my bit to help get our footbal Review Clarisonic Brush Head l flowing naturally. Let’s talk a Clarisonic Brush Head bout this year’s FIFA World Cup. Are you planning to catch 50% off Clarisonic Brush Head any action first-hand? Very much so. Though it’ll really depend on the schedule and fixture list in the Swedish women’s game, I think I’ll be able to get over to Brazil and catch a few matches. I’d love to see the Opening Match and, of course, the Final. They’re top of my wish list. The Brazilian people can’t wait. They want the World Cup to start soon and, who knows, to e Outlet Clarisonic Brush Head nd the same way as the Confederations Cup did.Marta on Brazil 2014If you could choose, what Final line-up would you pick? Brazil versus Uruguay: a repeat of the final match of the 1950 edition? As long as Brazil are involved,

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